Planning Pre-Application

Welcome back! All Public Counters are open for drop-in services.

Please note that ALL Building and Planning Permit Applications are to be completed online through the Citizen's Portal. We will not accept these applications at the counter. 


Step 1.Register as a User

You will be asked to provide the following information to open an account:

  • Choose a user name and password.
  • Personal and Contact Information.
  • License Numbers if you are registering as a licensed professional. Must have a current Town of Los Gatos Business License (Required). 

Create an account

After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email.  

Step 2.Prepare to Apply

Review the submittal guidelines

Step 4.What to Expect After Applying

1. Staff will review your materials to ensure your file contains all the materials necessary for your project to be reviewed. 

2. Once your file has everything needed, it will move on from being a pre-application to a full application.  You will be asked to pay associated fees online via credit card.  Alternatively, you can mail a check or pay your fees in-person during our Counter Hours (M-F 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) to pay for the associated fees.  Then your project will be assigned to the appropriate staff for review.   

3. In the same system you applied through, you can receive comments, marked-up plans, provide resubmissions, and other activities related to the review of your application.  We encourage you to collaborate with staff via email.  


We are only accepting applications online at this time.