Apply for a Residential Reroof Permit

Here you can apply for a permit to replace or repair your residential roof.  Please remember that all roofs in Los Gatos must be Class A fire rated. 


Step 1.Become a registered user

To complete the application process you must have an account in our citizen portal. If you've never used our citizen portal, Create an account here and register with your email address. You'll receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Once you confirm your account, you're ready to apply.

Step 2.Make sure you have time to apply

This application will take about 20 minutes once you've completed the registration process and gather the required information below.

Step 3.Have payment ready

Be prepared to pay fees associated online via credit card. Alternatively, you can mail a check to pay for the associated fees. 

Step 5.We'll review your application

Keep in mind that you might need to revise your application or attachments if we notice any missing or incorrect information. Through the citizen portal, you may receive comments, marked-up plans,  or provide resubmissions. We encourage you to collaborate with staff via email. We may not be available in-person, but we remain ready to serve.


ALL building Permit Applications are to be completed online through the Citizen Portal. We are not accepting these applications at the counter.