Apply Directly for a Residential SolarAPP+ Permit

This program, adopted by the Town of Los Gatos, is a demonstration of our efforts to streamline the permitting processes for alternative energy.

With the launch of this system, eligible Photovoltaic (PV) projects and combined PV / Energy Storage System (ESS) projects can bypass the standard building permit process through automated review and instant building permit issuance for licensed contractors.

If you are interested in using SolarAPP+ for your project, please follow the steps below.




Step 1.Check if your Project Qualifies

SolarAPP+ projects are limited to licensed contractors. Applicants without a CSLB license must apply through the traditional building permit process

SolarAPP+ is designed to provide a code-compliance check for most residential solar and storage projects that meet the following criteria: 

  • Single-family residential
  • Roof-mounted system
  • New alternative energy system (no upgrades or additions)
  • PV systems 38.4 kW or less
  • ESS 38.4 kW or less
  • Electric service 400 A or less
  • Service to contain a 225 A service disconnect switch
  • Service to contain 225A busbars

SolarAPP+ is currently unable to accommodate projects that include:

  • Standalone energy storage
  • Ground mounted systems
  • Building-integration
  • Electrical service panel upgrades
  • Non-single family residential (i.e., multi-family, commercial, community, and utility-scale projects).

If any project components exceed the above specification thresholds, the project will be designated as ineligible by the SolarAPP+ platform and it must undergo the conventional building permit application process.

Step 2.Process Your Project Through SolarApp+

Visit the SolarAPP+ Webpage, register for an account, and answer questions about your project. If your project is code-compliant, you will receive an approval through SolarAPP+. Download the approval documents issued through SolarAPP+ and make note of your SolarAPP+ approval ID.

Note that a $25 SolarAPP+ administration fee will be charged through this approval process.

Step 3.Apply for an Instant Building Permit

Before you apply for your instant building permit, you will need to verify whether you have a business license with the Town of Los Gatos by contacting our Business License Department at (408) 502-5687. 

Once you have confirmed you have a business license with the Town of Los Gatos, follow the steps below to create an Instant Building Permit application:

  1. Verify whether you have a business license with the Town of Los Gatos by contacting our Business License Department at (408) 502-5687. If you have a business license, you may continue with the next step.
  2. Log in to our User Portal,Accela Citizen Access (ACA)
  3. Click on the Building tab
  4. Select the "Residential Solar Permit with SolarApp+" permit type and complete the Application prompts, including uploading required documents and paying fees. Please have the following documents ready to upload as part of your application:
    • SolarAPP+ Approval Document
    • SolarAPP+ Spec Sheet

If you are having technical difficulties, please email

Step 4.Make sure you have time to apply

This application will take about 20 minutes once you've completed the registration process and gather the required information below.

Step 5.Have payment ready

Be prepared to pay fees associated online via credit card.

Step 6.Apply online

Apply online for a Solar Permit

Step 7.We'll review your application

Keep in mind that you might need to revise your application or attachments if we notice any missing or incorrect information. Through the citizen portal, you may receive comments, marked-up plans,  or provide resubmissions. We encourage you to collaborate with staff via email. We may not be available in-person, but we remain ready to serve.

Step 8.Your Permit is Issued

Please review the issued permit card / packet before completing any work to ensure accuracy or appropriate next steps. 

To view and download your permit card / packet:

  • Open your record summary using the "View Record Details" button
  • Click on the "Record Info" dropdown at the top of the record
  • Select the Attachments" option in the dropdown



We are only accepting applications online at this time.