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Town of Los Gatos Online Permit System--Helpful Hints

Searching for a specific building permit?

Simply enter your information in the Permit Number field.  Your Permit Number can be found on your (Job Card in the upper right hand corner).


Searching for a specific address?

Simply enter your information in the Street No. and Street Name fields. 


Conducting a more general permit search?

Keep in mind that you do not need to enter information in each search field. 


Need detailed instructions?

See the detailed information below. 




Detailed Instructions



Permit Number: *

 (To search by permit number)


For Building Division Applications


To obtain a specific permit or application enter the exact Permit Number (found on your permit receipt or job card ). 






For Planning Division Applications





For Public Works Permits 






Permit numbers and application numbers prior to 2000 will not follow the above numbering rules due to historical data collection methods and date conversion.  



Permit Type: 

(Select from this drop down menu for specific types of permits) 


Start Date: 

Click to show calendar

(mm/dd/yyyy) (Entering a date range may help narrow your search)


End Date: 

Click to show calendar

(mm/dd/yyyy) (Entering a date range may help narrow your search)


Licensed Professional Information:

License Type: 

 (Suggest leave blank)


State License Number: 

(Contractors State License Board Number for contractor’s license by the State of California, typically 8 digits)  (Visit www.cslb.ca.gov to search for your contractor’s license number)



 (Suggest leave blank)



(Suggest leave blank)


Name of Business: 

(Suggest leave blank)


Street No: 

  (Exact street number is required)



(Suggest leave blank)


Street Name: 

  (Enter exact street name or first part of a street name)


Unit Type: 

 (Leave blank)


Unit No: 

(Leave blank)



(Leave blank)



(Leave blank)



(Leave blank)